sing your didn'ts and dance your dids

:(( the bad thing about moving hemispheres sigh Her beauty was indescribable which means she’s white. actual first buzzfeed article i have laughed aloud at? oh shut up that's so cute it was so GOOD hearing george rr martin say that he 'never finished anything he wrote' as a kid and the audience reaction was just lol and robin hobbbb hearts all over my eyes ah ahh ahhh cute as the letter f repeated with some dashes after

“Ours was a ragged and uneven parting. Each of us had intended to see the other again. Each of us had had final words to say. My days with the Fool ended like a half-played game of Stones, the outcome poised and uncertain, possibilities hovering. Sometimes it seemed to me a cruelty that so much was unresolved between us; at other times, a blessing that a hope of reunion lingered. It is like the anticipation that a clever minstrel evokes when he pauses, letting silence pool before sweeping into the final refrain of his song. Sometimes a gap can seem like a promise yet to be fulfilled.”

from Fool’s Fate by Robin Hobb

Countdown to Fool’s Assassin: 30 days!

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the most perfect relationship to ever be put to paper SEEING HER TOMORROW and george rr martin i guess he's written something too wevs